Life gets in the way…

I’ve been thinking about this phrase today. 

I hear it a lot when people complain that they haven’t been able to get to yoga class, but I guess it’s something we all say from time to time. But for some reason, today I stopped to think about what we mean when we say it. What precisely is life getting in the way of? Life itself? 

I think we’re trying to say that the life we are living is stopping us from living the life that we want to live. But if you think about that some more, it sort of suggests that you’re not in control of this pseudo -life. It’s standing there, right in your way.  Right in your face.  Full of things you don’t want to be doing, money you don’t want to be spending, perhaps people you don’t want to be seeing.  

And just over its shoulder, you can sometimes catch glimpses of what you would be doing – family you haven’t seen in ages, bedtime stories for the kids, the friend who’s struggling who would value your company so much. It may be just the little things – the yoga class, the healthy meals or a good eight hours of sleep. 

What is your life stopping you from doing with your life?


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