Skills and experiences – my alternative CV

As well as finding out what I might want to do next, I’m hoping to use my Radical Sabbatical to collect an eclectic range of new skills, which will appear here.

When I work with students, I tell them not to underestimate how even the strangest of experiences can yield up a skill that makes you unique and perfect for something later on.

So, following my own advice this page will be populated by the weird and the wonderful skills and experiences that will make me even more ‘special’ than I already am!

Date Skill More info
 July 2016 Catering Learning about vegan cheese and using my knowledge to create recipes for cheeses that will appeal to vegans.  I have also created a range of vegan chocolate truffles, which are going into the shops in early September.  Alongside this, I have dealt with the legislative side of setting up a business that handles food.
 July 2016  Business administration – packaging, marketing, stock control and management, networking with suppliers and customers.  Starting a business like this from scratch has involved lots of learning by doing and by speaking to other local businesses.
 August 2016  Social media  Using twitter and facebook to promote the Walkley Cheese Company, and WordPress to publicise the radical sabbatical.  Using basic html to customise WordPress pages
 September 2016  Event organisation Organising residential yoga weekends for groups of around 20 people. This involves venue booking, publicising the event and handling participants’ bookings and payments. As well as teaching yoga, I organise a number of other therapists and practitioners to join us to offer massage and craft activities. I negotiate prices and ensure that the practitioners have everything they need. On top of this, I employ a chef with whom I plan menus and logistics. I take full responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of everyone who comes on site.
October 2016 Contract research in the social sciences. Analysing data on postgraduate placements, degree performance and subsequent career destinations to inform policy at a Russell Group university.